Meme Of The Day: Too Hot For Satan

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As mentioned on Facebook yesterday, I’m moving my memes to a controlled environment where I don’t have to deal with “muh offendeddddd” nonsense by internet whiners who want to fight all the time.

If you’re a facebook friend, you can blame gamma males for their inability to just move on when they don’t like something. I don’t have time to deal with that all the time so I’ll just hang in my space and be less social.

Just an extra click over here to have the same fun though.

I was told I was going to hell for a meme… but here’s the real truth, I make Satan recoil:

If you like my sense of humor, you’ll probably like my characters. There’s a really funny moment in Flying Sparks 2 which is kinda topical but I won’t spoil. Check it out here: 

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One thought on “Meme Of The Day: Too Hot For Satan

  1. Interesting seeing who is fighting you harder than they have anything else in their lives (including donuts).

    These “friends” act like it was such a burden to be your friend, then attack you publicly over a meme. No one controls the memes, not even Jon.

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