Why is Milo A Pokemon Villain?

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I could chalk it up to coincidence, but Milo Yiannopoulos got his original ban from twitter, and huge propelling to the mainstream by beefing with Hollywood. We all remember Leslie Jones and the awful Ghostbusters remake, and how his criticism of the movie sent Twitter (and her) off the rails?

Well, Hollywood’s gotten their revenge by making Milo into a Pokemon villain in Detective Pikachu:

Pokemon Villain:


Not only is the resemblance uncanny in appearance, but the character has much the same mannerisms, has the British accent and everything.

A nice little bit of social engineering coming the same week that Facebook banned him. Another coincidence, I’m sure.

It’s definitely not coincidence that folk are loving The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle. The books keep selling and For Steam and Country just got its 125th review from readers! For a book to have this many reviews and to be so highly rated is very rare, and the series only gets better from here. Check them out and catch up today! 

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