Limited Hardcover Release?

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I probably should have posted this poll on a Survey Monkey or something rather than Twitter, but I wanted to see what kind of interest there was if I ran a quick crowdfund campaign for set up fees for producing a limited edition For Steam And Country hardcover edition to celebrate it’s 2nd anniversary.  It would be a quick campaign, options being just the hardcover or the whole trilogy in hardcover, I’d sign them, probably come with a print of the map of rislandia and call it a day.

I’ve gotten a number of people PMing me saying they’re interested but not on twitter, so if that’s the case, please send an email to me at jdaguestposts at gmail dot com so I can tally you properly. Otherwise, vote on Twitter here and let me know:

If there’s 50 folk interested, it’d be worth the time to produce, otherwise we’ll just move along to the next book:

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