The False Argument of Popularity

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I gave more thought to this last night, after watching Soph’s interview on Alex Jones. Her point on her original video was the best, but on Jones she also brought up the great point that popularity is something childish that’s fallen back on when one doesn’t have a real argument. It means the person is an idiot and is appealing to other monkeys to back them up rather than having something stand on its own merit.

You see this a ton on Twitter when blue check marks or other big e-celebs get into an argument and start to lose. They’ll invariably say something like: “I HAVE 25,000 FOLLOWERS AND UR JUST A LOSER WITH 15!”  As if that somehow makes what they say valid. Invariably, those followers then get signaled to jump on the person and the mob ends up “winning” the argument against a person trying to make a point.

It’s a mob. Popularity by definition is a mob.

It’s not something to be relied upon or even to strive for. It is the lowest common denominator. It’s what gives us Cardi B as a cultural icon when she is about the worst of the worst in terms of intelligence or talent in our society.

Popularity means nothing. And the more I watch people follow stupid trends like Game of Thrones, or watch how people blindly grab crowdfunds of celebrities, the more I realize it’s much better to have a tighter group of high IQ readers around here than it is to have the masses.

The masses only bring about trash.

If you agree, you might want to try my series, The Adventures of Baron von Monocle. I bucked the trends in the steampunk genre to create something new that has real writing merit to it, real heroes, cultural beauty. You won’t find it in bookstores because I’m not “popular” with the publishing industry. But they’ve all lost their minds. Buy it here.

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One thought on “The False Argument of Popularity

  1. You know I was thinking about elections and the most popular person usually wins…er… I mean the one who gets the popular vote wins and gets some kind of power so there’s that so yeah it’s mob rule.

    I agree with you on the trash tho…but there’s money to be made off trash…..somehow…

    Hey wanna get in on a franchise? I know how to make and install approx. 20-25 12’x10’ signs for about $800 anywhere. I don’t know what to charge people or how to get that dang website Seo high tho because smoking a joint and blowing the smoke in the computer USB port isn’t working. Anyway, costs about $40/sign on a diy thang if you did it for yourselff on a large scale after your first sign, which will cost $150-200 or so to make and install. it will most likely take them forever to figure out how to get them down w/o drastic measures.

    Testing on installation and durability begins soon. If u got a busy interstate near you you should contact me thru the site or thru this mail. F if I check it tho. Will at some point.


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