Reading Through Infinity by Jim Starlin

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Well then, I still haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame, not sure I’m going to bother, but the movie being out did remind me that i’ve always wanted to read the Infinity saga by Jim Starlin (i had a few of the issues as a kid but never the whole thing and it came across disjointed that way), and I did some research to get the best experience possible with it and really get the full story.

Here’s what I settled on TPB wise:

Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin

Warlock by Jim Starlin

Epic Collection: Silver Surfer: Thanos Quest

Epic Collection: Silver Surfer: Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity War

Warlock And the Infinity Watch Volume 1

Infinity Crusade Volume 1

Infinity Crusade Volume 2

of those, the epic collections and Crusade Volume 2 are out of print so they may be difficult to find, but it gives a pretty complete picture. There are a few options to get most of this story, and there is an Infinity War: Aftermath which has a couple different issues outside Warlock and the Infinity Watch, but this pretty much gets everything that’s necessary.

Maybe I’ll review them all over the next couple weeks if I don’t have any topics, but overall, I thought it was very fun and worth the read. Jim Starlin was definitely on some acid in the 70s I gotta say.

I’m working on my own cosmic book now, but you should check out my work in the meantime. Get on board with Flying Sparks! It’s got a crazy intense story which is going to be pretty out there when it all wraps up. Pre-order volume 2 now! 

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