They’ll Jail You Over Your Opinions

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There’s been a very frightening story going around the internet, but not for the reasons the Fake News media would have you believe.

The media is going after youtuber Soph for “hate speech”. Of course her videos are being mass reported for her content to be taken down, the whole media is in a frenzy calling her brainwashed, a terrible person, or worse. The media is stalking this poor girl’s parents, trying to gotcha them. They’re going to her school to try to put pressure on her to stop her from speaking her mind. And they’re trying to get police to investigate her.

She’s 14.

She’s a child.

With opinions she posted.

The internet hasn’t been around all that long. I started posting when I was about 14-15 to various websites, and even though there were strange adults who might stalk around then, there wasn’t a danger due to big social media of these mob echo chamber coming after me to try to ruin my life at such an age.

Now there is.

And they’ll get the police involved. It won’t surprise me either if they “find something”, in order to put a stop to what Soph is saying.

This is the same mob that kicked me from speaking at BayCon once it was discovered who I voted for. The same mob that then banned me from WorldCon and libeled me because they knew who I was, and they tacitly supported death threats against me rather than try to make a diverse and inclusive space.

They don’t want diversity, they want conformity. And it must be total. They don’t care if a few children have to be broken along the way for The Party. They never have in other countries, why would they here?

This is the next escalation, the media tag teaming with police in order to force silence. Jailings of artists like Soph or myself will be coming soon for our opinions. Then “accidental” killings. This is just the start.

And if Trump doesn’t win in 2020, this will be happening in more than just California, you can bet it’s going to be nationwide.

Wake up before it’s too late.

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8 thoughts on “They’ll Jail You Over Your Opinions

  1. Oh yeah, because it’s just so hilarious to see a 14-year-old threaten to shoot the CEO of Youtube with a Luger and claim to have already called an Uber to take her to his office.

    Yes, I’m rolling my eyes at you.

    In case you missed it somewhere, credible threats of violence are not protected speech. The police investigation was to determine whether or not her threat was credible.

    • There were credible threats of violence to me at WorldCon. You didn’t care then. Go move along with your BS. 14 year old youtube girl ain’t gonna hurt no one. Your psychopaths in sci-fi might kill me.

      • “There were credible threats of violence to me at WorldCon.”

        Baloney. Have you already forgotten that the judge basically laughed those claims out of court?

      • Oh, I missed this:

        “14 year old youtube girl ain’t gonna hurt no one. “

        Get a clue. In the latest pair of high school shooters, one of the shooters was 14.

        Welcome to the real world.

      • Look at the moral scold, and the simpleton. Still mourning the loss of your sense of humor so many years ago, I see.

        First of all, yes, there are many contexts in which a threat of violence is actually funny. Among them are satire and comedy.

        But you to actually have to be able to parse English with a nuanced perspective to understand that.

        The part you don’t seem to understand in my first reply is my mocking your misuse of the word credible.

        • “First of all, yes, there are many contexts in which a threat of violence is actually funny. ”

          Wow. I feel really sorry for anyone who is forced to live with a person who thinks these words are funny:

          “Susan, I’ve known your address since last summer. I’ve got a Luger and a mitochondrial disease. I don’t care if I live. Why should I care if you live or your children? I just called an Uber. You’ve got about seven minutes to draft up a will. … I’m coming for you, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.”

          Those are NOT funny words.

          “The part you don’t seem to understand in my first reply is my mocking your misuse of the word credible.”

          That’s what the police investigation was for, of course — to determine whether the threat was credible or not. That is the job of the police, remember?

          Which part of the word “investigation” did you not understand?

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