Flying Sparks Surveys Out To Cap Off A Huge Day

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If you missed it, I released Spy Training, the 3rd book in The Steam Knight trilogy and 6th in my steampunk world overall. Already got a great review from a reader. These stories keep getting better so I highly encourage you to check it out.

But I also got my final stretch goal done for Flying Sparks volume 2. This means I uploaded all of the digital files into backerkit ready to go, and then pushed out surveys to backers.

The surveys are important because it confirms all the shipping data for you for print later, and they also are the means by which to deliver the digital files as once the orders lock, BackerKit will be delivering those as well (pretty slick system!).

This is a huge moment though because when this locks, it means I will have delivered 332 pages of comics to readers in the 9 months since I’ve been producing books. That’s the equivalent of 15 floppy comics, 1.67 books per month.

Everyone was clamoring for a real alternative to the SJW industry last year, and I’m the one who ended up delivering just that. And we’ve got a lot more to come with how much we have in development.

Still, it’s awesome how well Flying Sparks has been received. I’m excited to keep this going and build a true new superhero franchise off of this. It’s what we need to change culture and we’re gonna get there!

You can still back volume 2 on BackerKit. Digitally, the book will be to you in just a couple of days if you do:


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