Meme Of The Day: It’s Corporate Cancer #PrideMonth

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The bullshit about forcing homosexuality and other bad lifestyle choices onto soicety has reached peak corporate. And there’s a reason for it — hedonistic lifestyles tend to get you to consume more, so they can keep selling you trinkets over and over and push you further in debt.

From The QuQu:

“DINKs are the #1 demographic to market to since they have so much disposable income, and your friendly neighborhood multinational corporation would love to create more of them.”


And there’s no reason for them to do it. They’re not fighting for anything. There’s no equality that needs to be reached. It’s all propaganda to try to sexualize your children so they’re enslaved to all these corporations:

Don’t be a slave to corporate greed. Read your Bibles and support independent artists.  


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