So Begins The Comics Reconquista

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Everything changes, yet nothing changes.

I wasn’t particularly surprised to see over the weekend the group I spearheaded a couple of years ago now championing the LGBTQWTF agenda and talking diversity unironically as the movement got co-opted by folk who were not pushing pro-Christian nor pro-conservative agendas.

I wasn’t surprised to see people “outraged” at Mike MIller’s positions on homosexuality — about the one thing Mike has been consistent about in the last 2 years.

But this is what happens, whether if it’s an invasion of migrants from another culture, or letting the left into your right wing cultural movement.

They take over.

They change it.

It becomes unrecognizable to everything that was great about it.

It’s time to pull a full Atlas Shrugged. Make a new valley free from outside influence, free from the left, free from anything the SJWs push.

We’ll carve out our own territory, our rightful territory, and build an empire worthy of challenging the establishment’s lockstep destruction of truth, justice, and the American way.

We stand for Christianity.

We stand for Nationalism.

We stand for traditional family life.

We stand for bettering oneself.

This is the Comics Reconquista. We will win this culture war by producing truth and beauty, by not compromising core values for a few bucks, by being authentic, by showing the way despite adversity or whatever the outrage of the week is.

Our agenda is simple: bring truth and beauty back into the world through art, and fight back the hordes of barbarians at the gates.

Hop on board by starting here, with Flying Sparks Volume 2. We’ll be going to print toward the end of the month so there’s just a few weeks left to back. And unlike many others, I am producing content at real levels that compete with the industry at large. 332 pages so far since I’ve been on the scene in 9 months while others are screwing around on YouTube peddling the left wing agenda to you in another form.

Back Flying Sparks here.

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