The UKeg Nitro Is Legit

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Growlerwerks is one of my favorite companies. I almost exclusively use their cool metal coffee cups because they’re the only cups that fit in my Cadillac’s cupholders — they’re the best for warm drinks or cold drinks because they keep them cool or warm and don’t burn your hands.

But I digress, what I’m hyped about is their new product the UKeg Nitro — a variant of their UKeg growler that turns any beer you poor into it into a pressurized keg, keeping it fresh for days. Works for cocktails or anything. It’s one of the most brilliant modern inventions.

Maybe until Nitro. This is a nitrogen system that keeps things fresh and makes frothy drinks for you — meaning you can get cold brew coffee now.

This is CRITICAL for summer for me because I’m a huge coffee fiend and I hate drinking warm coffee in the summer. What it’s going to save me is daily (sometimes 2x) trips to starbucks for iced lattes because I can cold brew my own frothy black coffee. I’ve never been so excited.

They are mailing me a prototype and I’m going to be testing it out on The Lunch Stream next week, but I highly recommend it. I’m definitely backing this product and hope you will too — these guys are awesome.

You can also put Nitro beer in it — and if you’ve never tried nitro beer, you’re in for a treat.

Check it out here. 

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