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…but whoever is advising Taylor swift on her career is killing it.

We saw the end when she came out in 2018 and stopped her stance on being “apolitical and appealing to everyone” by oddly endorsing for the senate in TN… and someone who was destined to lose at that. It was a bizarre choice, and the phrasing of her proclamation was even more bizarre, a slap in the face to the many Americans who followed her on her way up in country and supported her as she pushed into pop.

Well, she’s about to learn the hard way that virtue signaling doesn’t pay. Her new song is just a political rant, the typical descent of a pop star after they hit their phases: Popular Songs> Go Slutty To Stay Relevant > Get Old > Go Political To Get Headlines > Don’t Sell Anymore.

She could have stayed in a classier spot than most, but apparently she was advised poorly.

Of course she wen’t get credit for it by the people she’s virtue signaling to. They understand that it’s a corporate move to try to bilk money out of them, like it usually is.

Taylor Swift has been hit with backlash following the release of her pro-LGBTQ single, as detractors accuse the ‘corporate’ pop star of jumping on the ‘queer bandwagon’ to make profit. 

The track, titled ‘You Need To Calm Down’, was released last week to mark Pride Month, and its lyrics positively reference gay activist organization, GLAAD. 

The song additionally hits out at anti-LGBTQ sentiment, with the lines: ‘Control your urges to scream about all the people you hate/ Because shade never made anybody less gay’.

Of course it’s corporate. Just like the whole forced characters and plots in books and comics, and any other cultural medium. Corporations love pushing these hedonistic lifestyles where there’s lots of disposable income cuz there’s no children, as we’ve gone over.

But what the article will ignore is the silent majority who just doesn’t want evil celebrated to us and a middle finger flung in our faces. That’s where she’s going to lose most of her core audience. The media might not report on that, but I will.

It looks like Kanye was right all along.

Just wait until this doesn’t work so she announces she was a lesbian all along. Then you’ll really get some cringe.

If you want some good entertainment without the LGBT agenda, pick up my books. I don’t celebrate mental illness, I just write good fun swashbuckling stories like you used to be able to get before the industry decided to commit suicide.

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