The Influence Of The Demonic

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You can feel a sea change sometimes in the way The Enemy pushes harder against all that’s right and true.

It’s beginning again with the media and the elites as we’re seeing more and more across the world push back against the one-world globalism, by the corporation for the corporation, turning humans from free willed thinkers to mindless consumers. And as the corporate goes further into celebrating sin — most of all “pride” — in order to keep the consumer invested in that cycle of want and buy, endlessly trying to get that heroin hit of more stuff.

Perhaps we should adjust our lifestyles to be more hedonistic. Perhaps we were wrong and we should embrace pride. Do it in the road, man.

It was the boomer generation that was easily duped by the devil. Churches warned of bad influences in culture, dark tidings coming from entertainment. The boomers said it was all fine and pushed for free speech man. They not only rotted their own generation, but rotted the next as well. And God save the millenials from the full time access to greater degeneracy and porn.

It’s where we’re at. And the push back by the demonic forces driving this is going to get stronger going into 2020, a pivotal year for our society. Are we going to go fully to the devil, or will we fight back and do something?

The choice is yours.

I know I’ll keep making books until the government shuts me down and imprisons me– which if Trump loses could be sooner rather than later .Fight by creating good, fight by creating beauty. Check out my Steampunk series if you haven’t already, just about to wrap up writing book 4 here: 

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