It’s FINALLY Here!

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We had a year’s wait and a bunch of production snafus with the recording of the followup to my bestselling audiobook, but The Blood Of Giants is finally out!

My narrator, Katie, moved apartments and this one had a lot of noise she couldn’t get rid of background wise. She literally had to sneak away to record small chunks here and there when she could get a few spare moments to make this happen, and she did an excellent job.

This is my favorite book I’ve written to date, and for those who wait for audio, I can’t wait for you to check it out. This is the kind of airship adventuring novel with over the top fantasy thrown in that I want out of life, a real feel like you’re deep inside a Final Fantasy video game and more. So many concepts are in this novel it was so much fun to write.

You’ll absolutely love it as it picks up the pace in a dramatic manner.

And if you haven’t read book 1, you can still do this one. It’s almost a new starting point in a lot of ways, though I think you’ll enjoy it more if you already have a feel for the characters. Up to you!

Get your audiobook now for an audible credit. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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