The ComicsGate Grifters

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I’ve always been good at investigative journalism. It’s a curse as well as a blessing, but I dig and find out things, which is where I’m important to our conservative push in culture.

I’ll remind the internet since there are short memories:

When I popularized ComicsGate as a hashtag, it was from my research finding out information about a secret group of facebook professionals conspiring against YouTube reviewer Richard C. Meyer to try to “goad him into throwing a punch” and trigger what they hoped was his PTSD from combat in order to get him branded as dangerous and thrown out of conventions.

These were “professionals” actively colluding and conspiring to try to harm someone to keep them from having influence in the industry — people who work for Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dynamite, and others. The cause of it was because of politics — specifically a left wing monopoly trying to harm all right wingers in the business and make sure we don’t get to produce books or have any influence. They want all books to force LGBTQWTF on children, none to have male or white lead characters (unless villains), and to push identity politics so that not only are the primary demographic of readers kicked out of comics, but so that they stir up anger to get white, Christian, Republican, men out of the country.

It’s dangerous. They’re pushing violence at conventions toward those ends. It’s why I was so concerned for my own safety at Worldcon, and why they tried to libel and brand me rather than protect someone attending.

Last summer I saw a concerted effort by a group of industry professionals (just like happened with Meyer) trying to force the general conservative out of ComicsGate, as the hashtag had flooded into something much bigger than before. After Alt-Hero had a huge crowdfunding hit on its hands, lots of creators jumped in for their books. Once that occurred, the YouTube channels of a lot of people skyrocketed in subscriptions. People who weren’t into comics at all just tuned in for one thing — drama.

The drama became much more important than books all the way around. In fact, the number of people actually into books became the minority in the group. Once the drama happened, power had to be consolidated because the “outrage of the week” can target anyone, and the only way beyond that is to have a critical mass of following so it can’t hit you.

The consolidation was done by forcing out anyone with right wing political beliefs and trying to damage their reputations. Just like the old guard industry did when I started #ComicsGate, now a group of star wars fans and left-leaning internet trolls (who took the name War Campaign) decided to try to police people and bully folk on the internet to get their way. A lot of the creators who knew they were riding an outrage train bowed to their wishes rather than doing what was right, because the mob seemed to be going one direction. All they cared about was the mob.

And the mob veered further left. The left wing usurped comicsgate, a movement that was supposed to be a haven for the right away from these forced leftist identity politics. We’ve seen it recently as Doug TenNapel has been attacked summarily for his Christian beliefs. They even came and attacked Mike Miller because of his anti-LGBT stances (as if they didn’t know it before). No one is safe from the outrage mob, and it’s veering further and further left.

But grifters came in from the left to take money from conservatives all while this is happening. They think you’re too stupid to realize and see it. That you’ll just hand them money cuz they smile at you while they cash the checks and call you stupid behind your backs.

It’s a tactic of the left in order to destroy any good culture from taking root, and it’s working.

Here’s what I uncovered, as one of the darlings of the new ComicsGate, Donal Delay is anything but on your side:

It’s the exact same wordings we saw from people like Dan Slott or Mark Waid or Nick Spencer. All these guys are out there virtue signaling to the left, trying to kick out the right.There’s one difference between them and Donal:

Donal doesn’t have the talent to just be open and honest and make it in the industry. He is happy to use the right wing outrage movement for $ in the indie sphere, because it’s a quick rise to the top of getting funds on crowdfunding sites.

They’re using you. And they think you’re so stupid you’ll just CONSUME.

Get excited for product. Buy product. Get excited to buy next product!

That’s all you’re being used for, smiling at you in public, while sneering at you in private. It’s disgusting. They think you’re this stupid.

And so far, with the ComicsGate group, they’ve been right. All of these guys keeps doing great and making more money off the outrage of the week, even while they don’t come out with their books on time, the books are shoddy when they do come out half the time, and the actual talented conservative creators get shoved off the platforms.

Sounds a lot like Marvel and DC to me. This is what we were supposed to be fighting against.

Demand better from your creators. Both on the product side and on the values side. We’re never gonna make a dent in culture if we’re pushing Diet SJW.

It’s easy to see who the real deals are — because they’re the ones who will speak truth and right when it COSTS them audience. If someone only says something that’s appeasing a crowd, it’s a big red flag that they’re not legitimate.

I wish I wasn’t right all along, but unfortunately, I spot patterns very well. It cost me half my audience to be right, but at least I have my soul.

I also have multiple books out while these guys are struggling to get out one. And my books are hailed by readers as “the best indie comics of 2018”. It’s got deeper story, it’s got no left wing signaling, it’s just good. Support good books by conservative creators.

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4 thoughts on “The ComicsGate Grifters

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  2. There is no “think”. They know they are stupid. Donal and other two faced individuals will say whatever to jump out in front of the money. Grifters Bilking the Blind. I view it as a form of justice.

  3. You are right. We better watch out. CG itself, I always point out is group of literally all sorts of people. So much that it became like a brand as if CG means you are neither Marvel, DC, Dynamite, IDW, Image etc. The problem is that we have very low criteria on who to accept in CG – and that criteria is just to act like anti-sjw.

  4. Jon, you mentioned Taylor Esposito and B Clay Moore conspiring to punch Richard C Meyer, but you missed the fact that Ethan Van Sciver just crowdfunded $67,000 on Indiegogo for a reprint of Vampirella vs Re-Animator #1 by anti-Comicsgate SJWs Cullen Bunn, Blacky Shepherd, and Taylor Esposito himself. Ethan said he was leaving SJW companies to self-publish, but now he’s working with SJW Dynamite before he’s self-published a single book. Dynamite is the company that didn’t do anything to Taylor Esposito for sabotaging a licensed Atari comic with obscene hidden insults. Well they didn’t do anything bad to him, buy they gave him a lot more work.

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