SJWs Can’t Help But Get Triggered By Everything

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You can never win, so you can’t worry about what they think ever.

Look at this recent advance review of the new book Tyger’s Burning by T.C. McCarthy as a great example. 

The biggest problem I had was that Tyger Burning was very racist against the Chinese and Burmese. And they aren’t so great against other Asians, either. I made all sorts of excuses throughout. “It makes sense in the context of the book!”, “They just lost a war, this is the same generation that lost their lives!” and more. However, it was just way above what was needed to get the point across. It was constant, every couple pages, and it just never got any better. Maybe it got better at the end, I just couldn’t make it there.

Then all of this racism took time away from the actual plot. So much time is spent on the racism that wasn’t spent on developing the plot or the world. So I felt barely anything happened. 

Now the review author mentions “makes sense in the context of the book” and this is apparently true according to the author. I have not read the book yet, but plan on it as I like new sci-fi by Baen Books. But McCarthy says, “The main character is subjected to racism; racism is a trope/thread ON PURPOSE to depict its ugliness”.

Which means the bad guys are racist, used as a bad thing, so the character can have an obstacle to overcome.


I wonder if the snowflake reviewer gets triggered by any instance of anything bad happening in a book. She should probably stick to children’s books like Piggie & Gerald… but then again, she’ll find that in those books, THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS.

And that might send her into suicidal depression.

The moral of the story is, write your books how you want. Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about reviewers. No one in the real world frets over bad guys being bad in a book, nor over what reviewers think.

If you get easily triggered, you probably won’t like the Savage Jungle Warriors who appear in The Blood of Giants. But normal people will enjoy the book, because the book’s awesome. Get it on audio now!

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