It’s Going To Be The Youth That Save Us

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Despite a decade and more of hollyweird, comics, and books ramming it down our throats liktehy’re trying to make us…

…perhaps that’s a bad analogy.

Regardless, the young are showing less tolerance to LGBT causes, according to a new poll.

It’s no wonder, given the fact that every corporation has pushed it hard to the point where every storefront is waving rainbow flags, every twitter account changed their profile picture to a rainbow, every single one of them is trying to get you and your children into a crazed deviant sexual lifestyle of hedonism (so they can sell you more shit), that the younger generation, the ones that are bucking consumerism and all the “values” pushed on us by the boomers, are rebelling.

They’ll just say no to this nonsense, as they see the destruction it’s causing on our society first hand. There is a hope for the future. We must cultivate these moral youths who want none of the poison being sold them.

The energy is pushing in our direction on every cultural front. Don’t lose hope. Stay the course .They can only destroy you if you bow to their demands.

My books, despite the publishing industry requiring it to get published at this point, have ZERO LGBT agenda in it. Make sure to pick it up and support art that’s not degenerate. 



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