The Liberty Steampunk Sale Is Here!

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My steampunk novels are all about young folk really growing up quickly and doing all they can to fight for liberty and for their country, against the strongest of odds. It makes a great time to have both a LibertyCon and 4th of July pre-sale for everyone. Here’s what we got:

For Steam And Country only 99 cents!

The book that started it all and my most popular novel, CLFA Book of the Year Award Winner. This is the place to start if you haven’t checked out my series.

Knight Training – FREE if you’re a Prime Member! 

My #1 Bestseller, a focus on men being chivalrous and honorable and growing in masculinity. You’l love this book and it’s a quick read.

Both books are pretty all ages friendly though the series does get more violent with The Blood of Giants.

Get them now and the whole series for your 4th of July travels and enjoy the best steampunk out there!

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