A Brief LibertyCon 2019 After Action Report

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For the third year in a row LibertyCon has proven itself to be the best convention in the world – and I’m not exaggerating about that.

There’s a lot to the charm – which honestly probably comes to the cap on attendance being so low that you can count on seeing the same people every single year.

It becomes more of a family reunion than a standard convention because of that.

They had me running pretty ragged with panels this year – I had almost the full day already accounted for on Saturday between my autograph session, and gaming slots I was involved in – but I also had a smattering of things I had to do on Friday and Sunday. It made it so it felt like I almost showed up and it was over before I could even put my bags in my hotel room.

I don’t spend a ton of time selling books at the convention because there’s too many people to talk to and I don’t want to spend my time on it so much, but I spend one hour, did over $200 in sales for that hour so it’s always been solid on that front.

But the main thing is the people. I can’t take 10 steps without running into one of my favorite readers or one of my favorite fellow authors. They are all there. I want to talk to everyone and see how they’re doing, and I could have spent the entire weekend doing that instead of all the programming I was on, and been just as happy. I even missed several folk that I definitely wanted to see – or barely got to say hello to them.

Just the ability to hang out and catch up with so many great folk is worth the flight, the hotels – changing my flight and getting recharged (cuz the dates got changed), anything. It’s frankly priceless.

Brandy, Richard, Fritz, and everyone who work so hard on the convention really do the best job ever. They are saints and heroes and they deserve more love and attention than they get for their efforts.

So much great hanging out, so many fun people, and the parties were out of control as usual (or maybe I was out of control at the parties, hard to remember).

The one thing I didn’t get done this last weekend was writing. I’m behind again. Such is the story of my life.

I’d tell you you have to check out this convention, but I don’t want you to. The tickets-sales are already impacted enough and so don’t bother. I don’t want to accidentally miss getting my tix last year because of a new influx of folk ;).

The LIbertyCon sale of For Steam and Country is still going on 2 more days – both it and Knight Training were back in the top 10 for Steampunk this last weekend, so thank you all for your support new folk. If you haven’t got them yet, they’re here. You should pick them up while they’re still on sale. Also available on audio.


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