A New Dawn For SFWA!

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Things are changing at SFWA as my friend Mary Robinette Kowal has been installed as president, after I endorsed her candidacy early on.

The reason I endorsed her is her assurance to me during WorldCon last year that she was going to attempt to redo their programming to make it a diverse and inclusive place, one which would account for marginalized Conservative and Christian authors who don’t get their due representation.

While it was an uphill battle at worldcon due to the board and staff’s flagrant Christaphobia and anti-Conservative bias, Kowal has a much stronger position within SFWA to enact the changes needed to make science fiction a safe space for marginalized authors with minority viewpoints.

As she has featured my books on her blog not once, but twice, I know that Ms. Kowal’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is important to her, and she will be doing everything she can to change the perception that SFWA is a place where Conservatives and Christians are not welcome to be called professional authors.

As such, I have reapplied to SFWA as of yesterday, and let Ms. Kowal know, so we can begin the long journey of working together to ensure equality for Conservative and Christian authors. I’ve offered my services as an ambassador to the community, so she will directly be able to hear the grievances of such authors who have been treated as second class citizens — dare I say, 3/5ths of a professional author — for so long now within the science fiction community.

I cannot wait to join and create change we all can believe in. We have a lot of work to do still because of the rampant discrimination of so many publishers, agents, editors, and due to the Christaphobic and Conservaphobic nature of so many authors in the community, but inclusivity is the first step, and Kowal, a champion for my people, will surely get us to where we need to go.

If you want to support marginalized Christian and Conservative authors like me, make sure to grab For Steam And Country before the sale ends! It’s 99 cents and you can get in on some of the best steampunk out there. I believe the sale ends today, so don’t wait!  

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