Pistol Whipped #1 – Patreon Exclusive Comic

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Just released a full issue comic to patreon subscribers, which marks 10 months of my being able to deliver a new comic to subscribers without fail. I only promise comics as I am able to complete them, but I’ve been working my tail off to get these produced for you.

This one is Pistol Whipped, which is a creation of mine about a vigilante duo Pistol and Whip who patrol the streets of lovely San Francisco. There’s only one problem: Pistol keeps on getting his sidekicks killed, and he’s got a reputation for it. Can he keep the duo going for longer?

Art is by C.B. Zane (Big Dog Ink) and colors by Emmanuel Torres (The Ember War)

This is not likely to be released anywhere else any time soon. My goal is to have a comic ecosystem fully sustainable through patreon so I can keep the funds coming in regularly, know what I have each month, and build comic production from there.

Right now, I can’t afford to produce comics exclusively on Patreon all the time, but hopefully this will be a good taste of what I’m hoping to produce through subscription.

You can subscribe here: 

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