Kicking Ass And Taking Names

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Ever since I blew up on the scene because I called out a local convention on their blacklisting over politics, I’ve been given lots of advice:

“You should just focus on writing…”

“Try just being a writer for awhile…”

“Really, you’re spending all this time ____ when you should be writing…”

“I’d like you better if you weren’t about politics just about writing.”

And naturally, I outpace every single concern troll making such posts about my writing.

It’s really ridiculous seeing as 99% of my audience is here because I’m leading a charge because conservatives and Christians are treated as second class citizens in writing/comics/all culture.

What all those comments have above are they come from fans of detractors who really NEVER focus on writing. I, in fact, outpace 99% of the industry in how much I output.

And it’s not going to change either. I just finished up another novel this weekend (I have 6 done now which are in the queue to be released and just haven’t been able to get production up on the cover end and the like, since i don’t control that), and just finished another comic script which I wrote in one day — the fastest I’ve ever done so.

For those who want me to focus on writing here’s what I’ve got in production complete on the writing end:


NanoTemplar Trilogy – 3 books, will be out soon.

Von Monocle 4

Colony Launch (standalone space opera, no cover yet, might make into trilogy)

Alt-Hero Novel (waiting on production)

Comics (much waiting on art):

Flying Sparks 3

Flying Sparks Chapter 10

Dynamite Thor Graphic Novel

AI Wars Issues 1-2

Clockwork Dancer Issue 1

Cosmic Warrior Issue 1

I don’t know many other writers with this much going on. And the ones that are are my good friends and personal heroes who are inspirations to me.

So next time you come to concern troll me, ask why your favorite writer isn’t nearly as productive as I am?

Don’t forget to grab my latest audiobook, The Blood of Giants, which I regard as my best work. It’s high adventure fantasy on an airship at its finest.

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2 thoughts on “Kicking Ass And Taking Names

  1. Not a fan of steampunk, but I’m waiting to get my hands on NanoTemplar trilogy ever since I saw the preview of the cover. Wish there was more books with heroic knights and noble paladins, be it fantasy, sword & sorcery, space opera or military scifi. I like those knights in shining armour with a sword in hand dispensing justice and vanquishing evil.

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