Someone’s Feeling Threatened

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A couple of weeks ago, I just blocked the remaining ComicsGate yahoos of “pros” who turned a right wing rebellion against leftism in comics into their personal brand, after finding out that they were ushering in artists who were pulling the same crap that creators like Dan Slott or Mark Waid do regarding fans who voted for Donald Trump.

It’s like anything, once SJWs get in, they change the purpose of an organization until it’s meaningless and worthless, and that’s what happened here.

But unfortunately, the biggest YouTube celeb of them all can’t just leave me alone to make comics:

This is on the troll site Kiwi Farms, which why he posts there at all I have no idea, but even moreso, why is he shitting on Flying Sparks, a book he spent days promoting it just 12 months ago? If it was good then, why isn’t it good now?

It’s pretty obvious when you look at it from the lens of how a gamma male thinks. It’s a lot like the way John Scalzi poo-poo’d my Dragon Award nomination for my space opera novel.

The gamma thinks he’s so great, so talented, and everyone must see it on every level, and moreover he should be KING of his craft. Only his approved books are the ones that matter.

When I came on the scene having a novel that was 1. unapproved by gatekeepers 2. hated by the publishing establishment and yet 3. selling thousands and winning awards, Scalzi couldn’t handle it. He worked DECADES to get where he’s at. How dare this newcomer enter his turf and be applauded?

It’s the same thing here but on a bigger scale in the gamma male’s mind, because Ethan has a different comparison with my book and his on a few levels:

  1. I’ve entered comics and come out with and delivered 3 graphic novels in a one year span, while he hasn’t been able to draw an 88 page (of which I believe some are just pin ups and the like) book in 18 months.
  2. I’m a professional writer, award-winning, known for deep characterization and great work while he’s not had much experience writing at all, and so the depth of plot, the characterizations, the skill in my writing craft will be something which he feels inadequate about given his silly concept of a robot frog, and hopes readers won’t notice.
  3. He knows his book is not a million dollar book, even though it raised a million dollars — which is why he’s delayed so long because of that pressure.

It’s sad to watch, but even sadder to watch a guy who’s been in the industry for 30 years do everything he can to push out someone who’s been around for 9 months over what amounts to jealousy. I could never imagine wasting my time on trashing some newbie’s book even now. Why not let the readers decide?

Here’s what readers say about Flying Sparks:

  • “The Best Indie Comic of 2018”
  • “By far the best ComicsGate Book”
  • “Tone is perfect, some subtlety, twists, romance, light humor, and good action. Must buy comic!”
  • “Great story. One of the most fun superhero comics I read in a while.”

4.8/5 star reviews on Amazon.

What do readers say about Cyberfrog?

Who knows. It’s still not out.

The real reason this creeps up now is I mentioned yesterday that I am delivering VOLUME 2 of Flying Sparks (which I do all the shipping myself by hand too) and that the first batch is out to the post office. It eats at him that I can produce on every level and get things done on time for nearly 350 pages of content at this point, with pro, award-winning writer, and not to mention all three of my graphic novels have PRO art from Jethro Morales who works for Dynamite and Image Comics.

Moreover, I don’t need his platform to get it funded and done. I don’t have to leech off of him to survive like so many of his fake friends who are using him for his channel. Can’t play king-maker when I’m already a king.

Everyone Loves it who reads it. Give it a try if you love comics.  Shipping now so you won’t even have to wait.

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