Bestselling Author Michael Z Williamson Erased From History — Over Politics

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Last night Michael Z. Williamson’s blog was brought to my attention, who if you are unfamiliar with him, was (is) one of the pioneering fiction writers in the wild west of the early-mid 2010s who bucked the system of social justice-focused “woke” writing in order to focus on craft and excellent storytelling.

Now, years later, big tech is taking its revenge on Michael as they’ve deleted his wikipedia page.

The excuse is his relation to “sad puppies” — which goes back to a group that was trying to bring the Hugo Awards back to sanity several years ago.

What it comes down to is Wikipedia trying to erase mention of any of its political opponents because of its extreme left-biased agenda. It’s not enough for them to just hate and try to attack us anymore, they’re trying to erase everyone from existing — complete dehumanization — because they’ve lost all semblance of argument for their horrific behavior they’ve foisted upon us for daring disagree with their politics.

This, removing people’s ability to do commerce by deplatforming them from places like Paypal or IndieGoGo, is the new front in the war, where they’re so afraid of great content like Williamson’s books that they don’t want anyone to inadvertently discover how great of a writer he is.

The page is back up as of this morning after many complaints, but it took a lot of effort to get it to this point, and if you click on any of the reference links they’ll all come up as “not relevant”. Since this sort of erasure is something that can happen without notice, without any semblance of fairness, and all over politics, we cannot use Wikipedia reliably. Fortunately there is an answer up in infogalactic if you want to learn about Williamson.

They know their books can’t compete with his, so they’re trying to starve him of mentions.

Well, we won’t put up with that, now will we?

Buy Williamson’s books here: 


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