Spy Training #Steampunk Now On Audio!

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The conclusion to the first trilogy of Steam Knight novellas is now out on audio! 

That makes the 5th book in my bestselling, award-winning steampunk world to be available for audio.

it is 100% best after reading For Steam And Country > Knight Training> The Blood of Giants > >Guard Training > The Fight For Rislandia, though if you’re just following James, it’s the third in his series and they do progress.

Get in now. I’m ready to go for the release of The Iron Wedding, Von Monocle Book 4 in October, and we will likely be following that up with another James novella right before Christmas.

Spy Training is a ton of fun. Huge world-building with lots of implications for future books, and fun steampunk gadgets for the knights to play with. Enjoy it here!

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