Real Competition Means Production

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I got a comment this morning saying I’m consistently producing at levels of the real comic industry.

That’s always been the goal of everything I’ve been doing, as well as my movement that’s surrounding this.

The mainstream comic book and book publishing industries have failed us at every turn for the last 20 years. They are pushing SJW identity politics into every single piece of fiction, and trying to force fiction into an endless cycle of boring current events zingers which aren’t relevant in 3 months let alone 5 years, and yet they’ll call it ‘literature’ to make it sound fancy.

They want everyone to be stuck in a rut, angry, outraged all the time, and most importantly MANIPULATED so the populace is malleable to all of their creepy social experiments.

They don’t care about your fun. They don’t care about you.

The only way to get you to stop caring about them, is to have content that’s available to discuss, and have it often — to keep the discussion going. The comic medium especially REVOLVES around this. This issue of Spider-Man comes out. You talk about it. Next month something happens. You talk about it. The next month, the same, you talk about it.

That consistency is how the serial story resonates with people. It’s why you have episodic TV shows that further stories, and why those are so popular, especially when you can binge a lot at once.

And so that’s what I’ve done. My production output is equivalent to getting 1 monthly floppy 22 page comic book out. I try to put them out quarterly or so, which gives you the ability to binge watch or read a book that has a serial continuation just like you would from the big-2, but without their nonsense and with a good story where the characters really develop, where real change happens and it doesn’t get reset.

I appreciate that it’s being noticed by some, but what’s needed now is for you to tell your friends. Flying Sparks 3 is around the corner, and we need to push this to new heights to keep it rolling. The productivity is noticed in a lot of circles (it’s why a lot of e-celebs hate me, since I shine a bright spotlight on my delivering what they promised), even in the mainstream industry as you wouldn’t believe the folk who are starting to talk to me.

We keep this up, and we’re gonna see real change. Avalanches all start with a small movement of a couple of rocks. It’s coming.

For now support my Patreon, where a lot of my monthly work is produced and it gives me a steady base to help keep this coming. It helps the blog, my production costs for everything, plus I again deliver more content than almost anyone who runs a Patreon:

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