Yesterday was nuts!!

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More than 15,000 people downloaded my book yesterday.

The message is clear: people want my work, they want good fiction, they have no tolerance for the abject bigotry of the Science Fiction Writers of America’s treatment of Hispanic authors like me.

Right now, For Steam and Country is sitting at the #3 book on all of Amazon, while 3 follow up books are in the Top 10 in Steampunk . It’s like I had a giant new release… without a new release!

But lots of new books will be coming soon. With this kind of momentum and the huge support of the reader community, I will be laying on the gas pedal very soon, and I look forward to all of you being along for the ride.

For now, the best thing you can do is tell your friends about the Von Monocle series, how it has the airship adventure that’s promised by Steampunk and yet so few had delivered until I hit the scene. How with each book it gets exponentially better, and how you’re going to be absolutely shocked with where I go with book 4 as I dial up the weird world to 11 (I had to ground you all first!).

Everyone can start here and read for FREE: 


And the next big support should be The Blood of Giants. You will want to read this before book 4 comes out. It’s important! This book is also available on audio: 

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