What We Learn From Epstein

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Is the same lesson we learn when we see the way the Science Fiction Writers of America treat me.

Much like the elite class in the overall world, the elites in science fiction have a pedophile problem. It’s detailed in Moira Greyland’s tell all, The Last Closet, where she tells us exactly what was going on in the sick world of these science fiction conventions.

It’s what brought me to speak out against it.

And naturally, SFWA’s first instinct was to cover it up, as their former president went on record, very publicly defending the acts and trying to sweep it under the rug as quickly as possible rather than face the hard truth of what’s going on in the organizations.

These elites will do ANYTHING in order to silence people from their bizarre, creepy activities, and they don’t want outsiders who would be potential whistleblowers to be able to have a voice.

In the case of Epstein, they’ll go so far as murder so he doesn’t rat them out.

In my case, they’ll attempt to murder my career so I don’t investigate further into what’s going on in these circles.

But we cannot let evil win. We MUST challenge it. We have a duty to humanity to ensure that we can keep children safe from harm — it is the crux of civilization right there.

I won’t stop doing my journalism. I won’t stop making challenging fiction content that readers crave because big publishing will only push their satanic narratives in their fiction.

And you should join me. Because the more of us there are fighting, the harder it is for these evil people to target and destroy us before we can get off the ground.

Support my patreon to make sure the work continues, and get quality fiction in the process.

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