The NFL Is More Over Than Over

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Most Americans already stopped watching football because no one wants to deal with an incessant political middle finger to us in the middle of our sunday entertainment, which is what it became after the national anthem kneeling.

Of course, those that run the NFL don’t realize what the problem is and are going even deeper into SJW nonsense: 

The NFL and Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by Jay-Z, have launched a partnership in which Jay Z will take a prominent role in a social-justice program the league launched last year at a time when it…

I thought their job was to produce football games?

It’s not about that anymore, which means it’s not about its core purpose. SJWs have converged the NFL and it’s time to absolutely stop watching if you still are. There’s not going to be fun anymore, it won’t be allowed. Get rid of your nostalgia, it’s a waste of time, because it’s going to be constant propaganda from here on out and nothing else.

It’s over because SJWs always double down.

Switch to entertainment which isn’t converged by SJWs like my graphic novel, Flying Sparks. I’ll be launching volume 3 toward the end of this month. Catch up! 

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One thought on “The NFL Is More Over Than Over

  1. We should be spending time with our families and loved ones and getting shit done around the house inside/out rather than waste 8+ hours on a couch glued in front of a TV. I quit about 10 years ago, and haven’t missed one second of that shit. They were slowly creeping in the SJW garbage back then too bro!

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