Miss Sashi’s Pillow Fight Variant Cover!!!!

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If you watch my youtube streams, you’ve already seen this (and you should if you don’t because we have the best streams on the internet. Subscribe now).

But if not, Sashi CRUSHED this cover. Absolutely loving this and I think everyone else will too:

The kickstarter will launch next week. I’m going to depend on you to get the word out! We’re making real industry change by putting out TONS of comics. And each one is only getting better than the last.

You can catch up on my pre-order store and I recommend doing so!

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2 thoughts on “Miss Sashi’s Pillow Fight Variant Cover!!!!

  1. Uhhhh, honestly, I forget what I was going to say.

    After thinking some more, all I can come up with is the thought that pretty superheroines need to relax and have fun. Just like the pretty girls who aren’t in SJW comics.

    There’s a message in there, but I just want to enjoy the artwork.

    Got it! This the the nose art for Rice Rocker, used to bomb and strafe Comicon with great art and story.

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