Here’s What You Need To Know On Flying Sparks Volume 3

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This series is about to get wild and blow up. 

Tomorrow, we launch the third volume of my superhero epic, making me one of the only people in indie comics to be able to bring about a quality book at an issue-per-month equivalent since I started delivering last year.

When we started, people were clamoring to start a new revolution in indie comics to make a rival to Marvel and DC. I am accomplishing that by putting out quality stories at the same rates they do. This is your industry change you demanded. This is the horse you can bet on to keep putting out the work and build into something much bigger.

In FS3: the relationship drama heats up. Secrets get revealed. We’re starting to peel back the onion as to what’s really happening with all these powered individuals running around.

Johnny is faced with a deep descent into darkness as his criminal empire grows.

Meta-Girl faces the most unbelievable danger of her journey as a hero so far.

And the plotlines are starting to converge.

So here’s the deal:

The Kickstarter will go live at 7 AM PST tomorrow.  We want to rush this and fund as quickly as possible because that will get Kickstarter’s promotional algorithms into gear and promote the book to as many people as possible, in hopes of getting new readers.

As a special bonus: if we fund on DAY ONE, Miss Sashi will design a body pillow cover for Meta-Girl.

You read that right. A Meta-Waifu. IT’S_HAPPENING(RONPAUL).jpg .

We have all sorts of crazy stretch goals planned that just gets cooler as this goes along, so I hope everyone will come in hard and make sure this series keeps going strong. It’ll send a signal to the comic community at large that Flying Sparks is here to stay.

REMINDER: Kickstarter does NOT charge until the end and on the condition that it funds. BACK IMMEDIATELY to help the book along. There is no need to wait until a paycheck because you do not get charged right away.

It all depends on you. I’m super sick, having intended on making a video about this rather than just giving you text but I can’t stop coughing. I won’t get much YouTube support because those guys have made it clear they’re not about building an industry change in comics, but just extracting money for themselves. The readers and word of mouth will be everything.

So tomorrow:

  1. Back Flying Sparks 3 right away.
  2. Share the backing on social media.
  3. Share posts around about the book, talk about how great volumes 1-2 are. Let your friends know. Post to different groups on Facebook or MeWe.  

Let’s get this critical mass so we can move into Phase 2 of my plans to build a superhero universe to rival Stan Lee’s creations.

The story and series only gets better as it goes along. I layer characters and build them deep so there is a lot to uncover still. I hope you’ll join me.

For those loyalists: thank you for your support. I couldn’t do this without you!


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