This Community Can Do Anything!

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We’ve built something amazing, fam.

It’s a cultural movement that’s robust, sustainable, about books first, but also is pointed toward the light with Christian values at its underpinning.

They told us over and over we would never succeed, that it’s dead, it’s been co-opted, I’ve been kicked out, the myriad of ridiculous things people would say to try to undermine what’s going on.

They can’t stop the signal.

We have a great foundation. The values above, but it’s because we put the books FIRST. Our content is higher quality, we deliver more of it at better value than others, and that’s why we’re able to be successful time and time again.

Of course today’s blog is to brag about the fact that Flying Sparks Volume 3 funded in less than 24 hours, something I’ve NEVER done on a crowdfund before.

But it’s been more than that these last couple of weeks:

This isn’t just about my book. We have a fricking REAL movement, and it’s growing because these stories are resonating with the people who actually care about stories.

There’s no youtube drama — in fact, all the celebrity youtubers who hopped on our bandwagon for a time completely ignore us — to their detriment as they keep whining about the same tired things while we’re producing the content they promised.

This is the real industry change. This is what we were aiming for. We are there. Now spread the word and let your friends know so we can push this to new heights again.

Thanks everyone for being there you are truly amazing!

Back Flying Sparks today — FULLY FUNDED!

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