A Song Of I.C.E. And Fire – The LatinX Screams Anthology Is Shameful

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If you missed the hoopla last month, there is a “LatinX Screams” anthology of horror stories only by LatinX authors taking submissions (by a white publisher of course).

As The Leading Hispanic Voice in science-fiction, I of course had to take this opportunity to highlight my people’s work and write a story, since there are so few outlets that will ever accept work by LatinX authors like myself.

Naturally, I took to Twitter dot com to voice my excitement, tagging the editor and mentioning how excited I was for the opportunity (like a lot of authors do) and voicing I would be writing a story.

My story, of course, is about an I.C.E. agent who has to hunt down illegal vampires crossing the border and sucking the blood out of American children.

Instead of cheering on the #ownvoices representing the 52% of ICE agents who also identify as Hispanic, the editor and publisher started calling me names, and publicly rejected the story — before I’d even finished writing it!

They hadn’t read the work to see if it’s a good story, nothing. Their hatred, bigotry, and intolerance toward LatinX authors who dare voice different political opinions than theirs was on full display, and this anthology was shown to be a sham of epic proportions.

They want us to be their thought-slaves, doing their bidding, only espousing THEIR narratives so their can feel good about themselves and pat themselves on the back for being good white saviors.

But I won’t have any of it. I will write what I want to write as a minority author.

And so, I have my story. I have put it up for Patreon subscribers, as those wonderful loyal folk care about my beautiful stories, and get a short every month plus more at higher tiers.

It’s my preferred way to get support as I’m having to deal with these publishers who say they want to support LatinX authors, but in fact, never do anything of the sort.

Subscribe here and get the story today. Just $3/month for short stories that are consistent, good, and fun. You can’t beat the value, and I guarantee the story’s a fun one.

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