Flying Sparks Volume 2 Now On Amazon

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If you for some reason missed Flying Sparks Volume 2 on my kickstarter, or on my backerkit, and still want to pick the book up, we’ve now got it up on Amazon.

This is just another spot where I’m part of the solution to the failed industry that’s actually DOING something about it, where others just gave lip service.

My books are available all the time. They don’t magically disappear from print, they don’t have a false inflation to them because of a fake rarity. They are here for the story first, and the story last.

In 2019 there’s absolutely zero reason to create a false scarcity of items. Over time, I will be able to keep growing Flying Sparks and really win because my book will be available always and easily.

The purpose of my comics isn’t just a single crowdfund campaign, though supporting there really helps get this engine going, it’s to create a sustainable industry alternative and keep it going. That’s how we’re going to make a difference. In comics, you can’t rest on one book a year or less.

We’re running like clockwork. Get to backers out on time. Get it up for sale for new readers. This is the real industry alternative. Join us in making comics great again.

The current campaign for Volume 3 is also REALLY close to $10K. It can get over the top today if you come in. Thanks everyone who backed so far!


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