Do You Know De 10K?

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I know de 10K!

Flying Sparks hit the $10,000 mark overnight, making this the four project of mine to do so.

So exciting!

It’s a huge win for the book which keeps on trucking through 3 volumes.

I’m super proud that we’ve been able to produce 210+ pages of this storyline for you in less than a year. It’s stressful to try to stay on that clock and really be an alternative to mainstream comics, but it’s worth the time and energy as people respond to the hard work we’re doing.

With each volume, we’re getting better too. The stories are tighter and more action-packed. Jethro’s lines are much more detailed than when we started. Our colors are sharper too. It’s really awesome to watch the full progression of this superhero book.

And soon we will expand this into a superhero universe.

But for now, we have to get this main storyline of Flying Sparks going still. And it means sharing it to new people who want to check out a real superhero character that develops, changes, has drama that matters, has real danger facing them.

There’s no retcons here, no magical resets of the universe, just a real story where every issue, every decision the characters make, have lasting consequences.

This is the way comics were meant to be.

I hope you’ll join the 200+ people who are already in on this great graphic novel and help push this forward and to the next level.

You’ll never believe what I have in store for you all next.

Thanks again for all the support so far! You’re the best readers ever.

I’d also like to thank Bounding Into Comics for the mention on their site last night. Please bookmark them and give them some love.

Back Flying Sparks now — and remember if you want Posters or T-shirts, just add $25 to your pledge, same if you want any additional books from my catalog.

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