I Hate “I Don’ Support That Platform” Concern Trolls

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There’s nothing more annoying than someone on twitter or facebook rambling about how they would -love- to support my work, but because it’s on Kickstarter/Patreon/Amazon/Whatever they can’t support it.

It’s a virtue signal tactic that people like to do, and I notice it’s often the same type of people who don’t like to take real stands to actually fix culture, but the folk who love to get caught up in the “outrage” brigades that spin their wheels and give youtubers clicks and superchats. They’re about the complaints, not the solutions.

I get about one of these concern trolls a week, sometimes more at this point, and invariably, responding to them with helpful ways to purchase my work is a complete waste of time.

The folk who do this aren’t interested in supporting the art that’s making culture change, they’re not interested in my books at all. They’re just interested in the “team” virtue signal, and by nature of making their posts, signaling to their friends that I’m “not on the team” because I’m “using the wrong platform.

If someone were actually concerned about SJW big tech, they wouldn’t BE on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, making complaints about SJW big tech. Those are all THE WORST SJW big tech platforms.

So when they go off on Kickstarter, as if IndieGoGo is better (which we know IGG discriminates against the right over politics), it’s just to signal to their YouTuber ComicsGate monkey troupe that “I am one of you, Jon is not!” There’s never an actual interest in my real comics that are on time, coming out at a speed of pros, and actually providing solutions to the crisis on the comic industry. Why? Cuz you can buy my books on Kickstarter/Backerkit,/Amazon/Direct from me, however you want. I’m accommodating as many platforms as possible. These people aren’t about the books, and so I generally chastise them for being the retards they are.

Here’s why: whenever I post these alternative links, the complainers invariably NEVER purchase. They gotta save their money for superchatting their YouTuber so it gets read on a stream like a chump, after all.  No time for real comics or real change.

And it’s the same thing on Patreon. I get just as many “concerned” folk telling me how SJW it is and how bad it is. Folk telling me “You should use Subscribe Star”.  So I set one up, I sent it to those people, and as you see, there’s zero backers on subscribe star (though my patreon is cooking along very well). It’s not even worth the time to have set up the platform to accommodate these people who told me to do it. They literally wasted an hour of my life I could have spent writing.

Instead of complaining about the marketplaces, support the art. I’m not in the business of researching every marketplace and trying to pull my books in there — cuz I want my books to be seen by the most people possible. That means advertising on Twitter/Facebook, selling on Amazon/Kickstarter, using Patreon, because those platforms get the most views of people who might CONVERT. You should already know where to find my work and support, so you shouldn’t need me to investigate somewhere else to put it up.

Besides, what’s better than being a rebel, using these marketplaces in order to make money for MY cause, when I know they seethe and would LOVE To ban me? Nothing. By being in their space, I am making the most impact, I am creating the most change.

So I’ll use whatever damn platforms are available, and if I get banned, so much the better cuz it just means they’re afraid of me.

Back my current book now on Kickstarter.

Support my patreon.  

I’m working harder to provide more pro content than almost anyone out there. This is the cultural revolution. Get on board and stop complaining about the entertainment industry unless you’re willing to do something about it.


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2 thoughts on “I Hate “I Don’ Support That Platform” Concern Trolls

  1. While concern trolls gotta concern, the idea of Subscribe Star (for you) would be to set it up and maintain it if/when you are de-platformed by Patreon. It’s not that Patreon is infested by SJWs, it’s that they suck and are flakey. It doesn’t matter if they were a bunch of NeoCons, Boomers, or Cocaine Gen-X, really.

    Sargon of Akkad makes over 15K each month on Subscribe Star, so it is a viable platform for monthly subscriptions.

    I recommend authors with a considerable fanbase that releases periodic content should have 1) a subscription service on their website, 2) Subscribe Star, and 3) Patreon. Your newsletter should always point to your website subscription service, which, while you would spend about $200 a year for the subscription software, there isn’t anything skimmed off the top. It’s a fixed, predictable cost.

    And before anyone starts flipping me crap about my own websites, the ones that are my business and personal landing page do not have a subscription service, because we don’t release on a monthly schedule.


    In any event, keep on jam’n. You’re doing awesome.

  2. Most of the resources out here in Internetland are biased against people like us. But we still have to use some of them for our purposes— whether that is to write stuff or express a (non-progressive) opinion.
    When someone expresses concern over your *wrong* choice, they are judging you and limiting you. Not a very kind attitude.
    I hate the way FB and Twitter condemn people for things like quoting the wrong Bible verse. (They never ban ME for quoting those verses, and I do it in English and Esperanto both— unfair!) But the alternatives don’t do the job the big boys do. We have to make our choices and let other people make their own choices. But when people are judging you for using one resource over another, how is that different than making assumptions about people based on their skin color?

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