The Craziest Day Of My Career

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Well, gents, this is it.

Justified is officially a break out hit. It’s doing the numbers the big boys sell.

I’m not completely surprised at how well it’s doing, as an action-packed military science fiction with a strong male lead, promoting Christianity, is something that is a universal truth in what people desire. Heroism. Bravery. Honor. Loyalty. Love. Chastity.

These are what our society refuses to give us in entertainment because of their nihilism, and readers are starved for this kind of content.

And the reviews are showing already that Christian or non-Christian as a reader, these heroic archetypes are resonating. It’s engrained in us as a species by our Creator to crave this kind of mythology.

So I knew it would be a success, but I couldn’t imagine how far it’s gone.

A lot of the big players have taken note of the book. People in entertainment, video games, movies, and of course wildly successful authors have all messaged me with congratulations. I’m being invited to private talks with super successful people, into clubs. I’m at a level now where I cannot be ignored–and neither can my message.

It’s vindicating in a lot of ways, of course, but the thanks has to go to the reader, the people who truly want this kind of content, that will make the push, and will stick with me through the good times and bad.  You are the real heroes here. You’re making your voices heard. You’re building a movement out of this that’s beyond just a single book (as we’ve shown time and time again). And it’s compounding and growing.

Our wins are intoxicating. People are flocking to the energy and the message.

So thank you for this. I make a vow to you that i will continue to fight for justice where it’s needed, draw attention to folk who need a lift up, and forge ahead with this budding movement–nothing will slow us down because God is on our side. And second, I vow to you that I will continue to write the funnest books in science fiction and beyond, and keep working my tail off to provide you what the rest of the entertainment industry won’t.

This isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. Science Fiction is being reborn as we speak.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Justified so far. Please leave a review if you have! It’s invaluable for folk who are clicking for the first time. And if you haven’t grabbed the book yet, today’s the day. Buy the book that’s transforming culture now. 

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