They Can’t Stop The Signal Part… Whatever It Is

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It happens every time I come out with something successful. I get jealous haters sniping at me, running whisper campaigns to get people to unfriend me, unfollow me, lean on reviewers not to talk about my work.

I know the game, I know the drill at this point.

And I just keep putting out exciting work that people want to read.

You’ll notice these people never put the focus on the books or the work, but just the “JDA MAN BAD” every single time.

There’s a reason for that. It’s because I’m effective. It’s because my work is great. The books are so good that if people discovered them, they know they’d be left in the dust.

And so they try these soft gatekeeping tactics to try to induce the reading audience into fear so they won’t pick up the books.

Has it worked so far? Not very well.

But it’s cuz I keep getting my books in everyone’s faces, making sure that folk have a chance to read. I am on Kickstarter cuz the most people will see it there (while these losers are afraid to go on that platform for fear they’ll get kicked off). I’m up on Amazon where the big market is.

And now, Today, Flying Sparks 2 is available on Kindle. The biggest ereading platform out there.

If you were waiting, you can pick it up here.

And please back the volume 3 campaign! There’s only 8 days left and we need to make a statement. Superheroes not superchats!

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3 thoughts on “They Can’t Stop The Signal Part… Whatever It Is

  1. The more you keep them pissed off (or rather just present a target to be pissed off at) the more they lose credibility with their own declining fan base.

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