Working Despite Not Wanting To

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There’s going to be up and down days, productive and less productive days, that’s part of life.

But I have come firmly to believe that the difference between very successful people and those who aren’t, is the willingness to push oneself even during the days you’re tired and not in the mood to get your work done.

Whatever it is — art, writing, your regular job, investments, working out to get yourself in shape, the ability to keep it going and not slack even when you’re most tired is the key difference between winning or not.

I write this because yesterday I was dead to the world, could barely get myself to lift a finger. I still got my morning workout in, still wrote, still went to church to practice for music. I had to. I couldn’t give up and let a day slip by. Who knows with life, each day might be your last.

So I implore you not to waste it. Make a difference for yourself or others. Even if you think you don’t have the energy. It’s amazing what human determination can do.

And that’s about the lesson of Flying Sparks. Chloe doesn’t have much going for her other than a few crazy gadgets her professor invented. But she has the willpower and determination to make a difference. She is committed to changing the world. That’s what makes her a hero. There’s only 7 days left on the campaign. Back it today!

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