Why Is Ethan Van Sciver Desperate To Brand Flying Sparks A Failure?

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The embattled former DC artist has goneon a tirade about me ever since Justified hit #1 bestseller early in September — and stayed there.

It really upset him, for reasons I can’t comprehend because his work should have nothing to do with whether my books get read or not.

But Ethan seems to have what folk often refers to as “imposter syndrome”. His crowdfunds for his robot frog book have made over $800,000… an absurd number completely based on his salesmanship on youtube (and trolling) and not because of anything about the book itself that seemed appealing.

Naturally, all he does is talk about me… and lie…

Which is very odd because I didn’t mention him on my first campaign which made about $15,000. I put this up as a reaction to him libeling me and trying to get people to brand me, a non-white, as a white supremacist on twitter in order to further attempt to tortiously interfere with people reading my books.

But we all know why. Cyberfrog finally is here, and imposters like Ethan knows there’s no way in a million years the book holds up to a book like Flying Sparks — which has an epic plot, characters that are 3D and develop, layered depth to it, everything you would expect out of award-winning, #1 Bestselling writing being attached to a book. You should read it if you want a real comic industry change.

And he wishes he had me script Cyberfrog… because… well….

I’ll be reviewing Cyberfrog on my YouTube Channel, Diversity & Comics, later today. Subscribe so you don’t miss it. 

And Back Flying Sparks if you haven’t. For the children.

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4 thoughts on “Why Is Ethan Van Sciver Desperate To Brand Flying Sparks A Failure?

  1. His jealousy and projection are pretty astounding. Jon, apparently you’re such a non-entity to him that he can’t stop talking about you. Because you don’t matter. As he tells people incessantly.

  2. Your waifu body pillow case trumps a shipping container of amphibian ashcans. Unless, of course, Cyberfrog origami pushes it into being its own waste can?

    Glad that I backed Flying Sparks. Good characters and a great romantic plot.

  3. JDA,

    You’re joking right? A little light roasting and you’re crying that I’m praying for your failure? DUDE RELAX.

    I wish you well! And of course, promoting your comic on IndieGoGo by suggesting that it’s almost as good as CyberFrog might be hyperbole, but I truly am hoping it helps you succeed to the same degree as I have.

    Here’s to Flying Sparx~!

  4. Jon,
    I shake my head. Ethan seems to be consumed by envy and a sense of impostor syndrome. I do feel some compassion for him because to be consumed by these is very burdensome. These sap any joy of life or appreciation of beauty as well as genuine contentment for others’ successes
    I hope he can get over whatever afflicting him and contribute to the comic book renaissance


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