If You Cuck You Lose – Kickstarter Edition

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I just learned Mike Miller got his Kickstarter banned.  

I’m not surprised in the least, and honestly, my take is that I find it funny.

Back in September 2018, Mike, Ethan Van Sciver, Jon Malin, Doug TenNapel all launched crazy personal attacks on me based on a few anonymous trolls going around shrieking “alt right” at me.

Those were directed by Van Sciver through his group “War Campaign” used to stir up drama and create a rift for his youtube show. There was no purpose other than that, but it was heavily based on ID Politics, using leftist tactics to try to destroy me and my person by branding me as extreme right over my friendship with Vox Day.

Whereas the cuck like those listed above throws his friend under the bus in such a situation, I held strong and did the only thing one can do during an SJW attack: I told these guys to go fuck themselves, my friend is my friend. I will not budge for them or anyone else.

Why? The social pressure game to destroy friendships is garbage. It’s bullshit, and people playing that game should be ashamed of themselves.

These guys who are whining now about Miller getting deplatformed by the left did everything in their power to deplatform me for being “too right.” They thought it would help their brands — Miller included — and they’re quickly learning the truth: it doesn’t matter.

I’m on kickstarter fine. How is that? If anyone should be thrown off over politics it’s definitely me, according to them. Shouldn’t it have been the case?

I even put on my kickstarter “PUBLISHED BY VOX DAY”. I don’t care. If they throw me off, I’ll find another way. I will not cuck to social pressure ever.

But they didn’t pick on me. I’ve run 2 successful campaigns no problem. So this is clearly not just about left vs. right politics.

The truth is Mike’s brand is far more damaged than mine even though he did everything in his power to distance himself from the “evil right” like me. It doesn’t matter. The left knows that he WILL acquiesce to social pressure, but a person like me wouldn’t.

He makes a better target as a result.

Of course, he’ll use this to boost his sales over on IndieGoGo. But it’s only a matter of time before word circulates and he gets branded again, and that platform will be gone too.

It’ll probably still be open to me, despite the association game he and his friends played.

It didn’t matter in the end. There’s a lesson to be learned here: whenever someone starts coming at you and demanding you disavow or disassociate from someone on the right, the only response you should have is to give that person a middle finger.

Come back, “Alt-Right” Mike. Let’s have fun again and talk about comics, and instead of hating creators like me, direct your fire at the real enemies. Your strategy failed because it always fails.

Though, I also know the cucks can never change. On my end, that’s why I don’t rely on them or their platforms. I just do my own thing.

Back Flying Sparks now. It’s the real industry alternative. It’s the real right wing book that doesn’t equivocate, doesn’t disavow, doesn’t play the game that the fake right likes to play. It’s got no cringe representation of Hispanics though, because I am Hispanic.

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6 thoughts on “If You Cuck You Lose – Kickstarter Edition

  1. So what happened with ya boi Zach and why did he drop D&C for another title? I haven’t paid attention to him in a while and was surprised when you took it. Heck of a trolling.

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