Who Do These Big Corps Care About? Spoiler – Not You

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It’s been an interesting 24 hours watching the NBA deal with a series of tweets encouraging democracy in China.

The league scrambled and went full court press over the Houston Rockets’ owner standing up to China’s corruption — as the country then retaliated by cancelling NBA games there and making threats I’m sure to the broadcasts of games.

China is a bully. They don’t want any information out there on them. They are the ones trying to force “social credit scores” on people to shut down dissent or opinions.

And think about it from this perspective, as we’ve got another counterpoint:

Steve Kerr, the coach, targets half of Americans every time he tweets. The NBA applauds this. Why? Because they don’t give a fig about you or your viewership.

They’ll care about a foreign interest like China before you.

I’m sure if someone tweeted about Obama or Black Lives Matter negatively, they’d chastise the coach/owner/player and probably suspend or fine them.

No matter what, these corporations would prefer you were dead.

And they get away with it because they know, like chumps you’ll tune in and watch anyway.

The NBA is just an example. It’s not just sports. It’s Marvel Comics. It’s Disney Star Wars. It’s Netflix. It’s all of these entertainment services you gleefully pay for because of nostalgia brands that are trying to erase you, your opinions, your life, in the name of social justice.

When’s enough enough? When will you wake up and care about culture that doesn’t hate you? Start discussing those? Change the discussion, change the culture.

Check out my new book, Sanctified, now. I’m actively working toward real change. Are you?

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