Talk About Indies, Dammit!

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I know I beat this drum all the time, but culture wins because of a system where corporations have you attached to brands so you constantly talk about them.

When you talk about them, the discussion goes viral, it’s FREE MARKETING for the corporation.

Doesn’t matter if you loved something. Doesn’t matter if you hate something. At the end of the day the big establishment corps comprised of people who hate you and want to bend over to China for a bigger market get money — and you lose! They will continue to overproduce brand content that is tired, uninspired, and “isn’t for you” as they’ll say when you complain.

It’s like Kanye says: “Everybody gonna say something / I’d be worried if they say nothing.”

Smart brand managers understand this and get people talking about projects whatever the cost. If it’s outrage — great. They don’t care, as long as it gets discussed.

But what happens when a book is just good and indie and not overly-political in nature, not something to be outraged about? It dies on the vine. Because people don’t just discuss story content anymore. People never bring up the new properties which will compete. It’s always going back to the old and tired.

Joker movie which everyone’s talking about was originally written under a completely different name, had nothing to do with The Joker. The director couldn’t even get the film made. And then they changed the names to be Batman related and everyone drank it up like a bunch of thirsty hoes.

Our culture is THAT stupid right now.

And it’s on you to change it. Start talking about whatever you like, and make it a regular habit. Alt-Hero, Cyberfrog, Flying Sparks, I don’t care. Change the discussion to change the culture.

I’ve got 3 days left on my Flying Sparks campaign, and due to a bunch of youtubers who purposefully try to hold the book down and bully people who actively promote it, I can’t get any discussion going about the book — even though reviews are THROUGH THE ROOF. The intimidation campaign on indie books has to stop. And it’ll do so if more folk talk about it and move the needle.

Everyone who reads it says it’s the best indie superhero comic ever made. Go tell your friends about it! And back it yourself if you haven’t already.

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