The Most Ambitious Book Yet

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The Iron Wedding is out today — Book Four in the Adventures of Baron Von Monocle, my most popular series.

And do I have incredible twists for you. You won’t see what’s coming at all, but it’s been hinted at throughout the first books.

The series takes off in a radical new direction with wonders, thrills, and excitement like you haven’t seen before.

I told everyone the first trilogy were books intended on grounding you in the perspective of a “level one farm girl character’s perspective” as the story builds… but I can’t give away anything without spoiling some of the jaw-droppingly epic steampunk goodness which is headed your way in The Iron Wedding. There’s just too many cool concepts which are going to rock you.

You’ll have to see for yourself.

Read The Iron Wedding here and continue your adventure on the greatest steampunk series of all time.

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