How Do We Change The Cultural Conversation Away From Nostalgia Brands?

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It happened yesterday.

Some shitty space franchise which has not made a good film since 1983 has the entire internet going ballistic like a bunch of monkeys waiting for a banana treat.

And this is what my social media feed looks like.

We know the story’s going to be trash. It’s going to be pop commercial consumerism with member berries and not much creativity at all because of the backlash of the last film. And so we’re going to get an endless cycle of youtube critics positing that the movie will be terrible, people clicking on it, people going at seeing the movie a zillion times to confirm it’s terrible, posting about it, youtube critics bashing it, people tuning into yotube critics bashing it, and then the actors crying about misogyny and racism and creating free promotion to make this another billion dollars again.

It’s so tired. And it’s entirely on you, the person who reads the blogs, watches youtube to NOT CLICK THESE THINGS. Do not talk about the movie. Don’t watch commentary on it. Starve it of mentions.

This is what they do to independent alternatives. The media refuses to talk about it. You will never see any one of these sites ever mention Flying Sparks or Justified because they don’t want people knowing it exists. And the only way to deal with that in information warfare is to do it back to them.

Every time you click on a youtube review or preview of this movie, you are feeding the machine. You are keeping it going.

Make content supporting indies. Click on the content that’s supporting indies.

It happens on the blog too, the people here aren’t immune. If I make a post positively promoting say, Robert Kroese’s book, I will get 50 clicks. If I go OMG MARVEL YOU WON”T BELIEVE SJW, I will get a thousand clicks.

You have to stop being the stupid consumer if you want the cultural revolution to go further. I’m sorry to put it that way, but I don’t mince words and this is the hard truth.

Talk about independent works. Speculate on them. Make the conversation. It’s tiring, it takes years and it’s a slow build but all it takes is critical mass. The more people that do it, the sooner we’ll be able to take down these giants and have real properties with meaning.

If you enjoy my content, read my steampunk series. The Iron Wedding has the deepest worldbuilding, the best characterization of probably any book out there. It’s been layering in for the first three books and frankly, it’s a genius work of art. Don’t miss out because you’re busy drooling over some poorly designed fantasy space ship from the 80s. Read now. 

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