Amazon CANCELS Two Christian Books – No Explanation!

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What a week. I wake up this morning to find out that my e-book of Glorified was cancelled by Amazon — with all pre-orders cancelled along with it.

As this was my biggest series to date those returns hurt pretty badly.

But it gets worse. It didn’t just happen to Glorified, they also hit Declan Finn’s upcoming release, Deus Vult — both books with heavy traditionalist Christian themes. I can’t believe this is a coincidence to have happened at the same time.

This has happened in our circles before. Just a couple of weeks ago Yakov Merkin had his Amazon ad censored. We know this has happened to Vox Day and Castalia House with several books.

What’s happening?

My publisher is getting a runaround right now. He’s lighting up the customer service phones and emails trying to get anything done. One employee told him if this gets resolved the pre-orderers will get a “link” to purchase new ones emailed to them — which we’ll see if that happens and if it gets the same amount we had before. We’ll see. There’s no clear answer right now nor commitment to any remedy.

Someone showed me this, where Amazon can make up its “Terms of Service” on demand. Did they just decide rules apply to me and Declan that don’t apply elsewhere?

But with two books from two different authors hit, both on the radar of the the cultural thought police, and both with very clear message-based books, it looks like some employee tried to take censorship into their own hands to make sure our truth doesn’t get distributed.

Fortunately, the first two books are up still in the series. But to be safe, it’s probably best to get through the Silver Empire direct store and not Amazon for now. Through Silver Empire, we can guarantee distribution. I’m glad we have this as a backup. Here’s the links:

Book 1: Justified

Book 2: Sanctified

Book 3: Glorifited. (The one Removed From Amazon – you can get it now ahead of release date)

Declan Finn’s Censored book, Deus Vult.

And my cover for my censored book. Did this really trigger them that much?

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5 thoughts on “Amazon CANCELS Two Christian Books – No Explanation!

    • We had to take it down in order for Amazon to agree to put it back up. Since 99% of my sales are on amazon we have to stay within their terms of service. It’ll be up in a day or two.

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  2. I read about your problems on PJ Media. I purchased yours and Declan’s earlier books on the silverempire website(I will need to catch up apparently). Amazon won’t get this or future sales of your books from me. It’s too bad most of your revenue derives from ebook sales and you are locked into Amazon but when it comes to Christian books, I prefer to buy a hard copy anyways. Looking forward to getting into some new series. 🙂

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