Glorified Is Still Being Held Up By Amazon – But We Have Momentum!

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There’s so much going on right now on the back channels that I can’t tell you about right now but I want to blast out. I don’t want to mess up the end goal which is getting the ebook back up so you can read it.

Long story short is we are bogged down in bureaucracy and there’s a lot of contradictory things being told to us. Once everything’s settled or I get the go ahead from the publisher I’ll say more.

For now, stay tuned. Glorified is a beautiful work which is all about shedding our earthly ambitions, even our bodies, that we may be made pure in the Lord God. It’s going to be worth the wait — or probably even better, getting a physical copy.  

Otherwise, get on my Patreon! Subscribers get all my work early, and so much exclusive content is on the way. I’ve not yet begun to work!

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4 thoughts on “Glorified Is Still Being Held Up By Amazon – But We Have Momentum!

  1. Just purchased the ebook from Amazon. You and Silver Empire may want to re-evaluate the risk / reward of Kindle Unlimited vs being able to sell from your website, such as the Castalia House model.

    • Unfortunately the reality is KU is about 1/3 of my revenue. When I put books on other platforms wide they were about 0.05% of my revenue. It would murder my business as-is. I need the discoverability it offers. Maybe when I’m bigger as an author.

  2. Saw a post on what happened with you and the other Christian writer. I am signed up on Kindle Unlimited and added Justified and Sanctified to my reading list. I will add the 3rd when it’s uploaded. Gotta help a brother/sister out! I will read them as soon as I am able. I’ve been consumed as a beta reader for Mike Kraus’ books. He writes post apocalyptic series (some have sci-fi elements). They aren’t religious, but they are pretty clean and some mention of God and prayer are mentioned. As a matter of fact, he has been working with a lot of other writers and most of the books coming out now are joint efforts (i.e., James Patterson-like). You might like to read one of his books and if you feel led, maybe check with him on a partnership. He is getting pretty known and has a lot of readers and followers – and that would be a way to get your name out there even more. There are several that are complete series now (some by Kraus alone and some with a partner). God bless your endeavors – praying for you.

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