Praise The Lord – Glorified Is Here!!!

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After a crazy couple of days of frantic emails, Glorified is live again!

it’s almost like it went to the grave and came back a more perfect being. It couldn’t be more thematic.

As you may be aware, Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification are part of the salvation process we go through as Christians, and this is exactly the arc I presented for my Templar character Drin as he goes through his struggles.

One reader reviewed already on BookBub: “This one I see a new man with his faith in tact. He finely understands what his God has been working forward to with him. Now the harbinger has been born.”

This was the hardest of the series to write as I had to stretch my imagination. Glorified goes into wholly uncharted territory fiction-wise and makes this series a completely genre redefining statement.

If you’ve been waiting for the whole series, now’s the time.

I’m very very very honored and happy to have you all as readers. Usually when a book gets hidden like this, pre-orders go away ,people do NOT come back. It looks like we’ve gotten most of those numbers back overnight from people who ordered before. This is truly a blessing and something to praise God for as I put so much work into this series.

Unfortunately, Amazon has de-coupled Glorified from the regular series — it doesn’t even realize it’s a new release. So despite being the #1 New Release right now, it does not show up on the charts for such (weird!).  The hijinks are really hurting its discoverability so I need the word of mouth to spread as much as possible.

Justified begins the actual series here. This is where to start if you haven’t already. (the glorified link lower on the page does not currently work).

Sanctified, book 2, if you need to catch up.

Glorified Is here.  

Also for those who wanted signed hardcovers of my Steampunk series, there’s about 5 hours left as of this posting to back. Going to get these out in time for Christmas so grab now!

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2 thoughts on “Praise The Lord – Glorified Is Here!!!

  1. RW,

    I’d recommend directly from the publisher.
    1) You help the publisher build an alternative platform and diversifies the options
    2) Jon gets a bigger cut if you buy direct. You also support him to continue with his content creation. And the publisher still gets paid too thus helping to consolidate its platform.

    Win win here 🙂


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