The Indie Comics Movement Goes Positive!

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It’s been a crazy couple of years to say the least, but things are finally settling in the direction which we all intended from the start.

Like clockwork, our books are being fulfilled — Tim Lim has delivered on Black Hops 2. My Flying Sparks 3 is out with fulfillment and shipping. We are walking the walk and pushing out comics just like we promised, creating real series, working hard and not resting on the laurels of one crowdfund.

Our vision of actually competing with the Big-2 is being realized, and people are starting to pay attention to the books and the folk who actually produce on the regular like professionals.

It took awhile to weed out the drama caused by failed former Marvel/DC pros who wanted to edge into a budding indie movement, bilk people for as much money as possible, and harass anyone who called their tactics into question. But they’re out of the picture now. They don’t have any power over comics or comic readers, and it’s been shown in the way the last few months have turned the corner for people who actually care about comics.

We made a big push over the last few days for Punchline Volume 2, a book which is one of the better indie comics out there, and yet didn’t get the attention of the “big channels” because those guys try to hide the better comics from their viewerships and only promote sub-part products (they don’t want competition). With the help of Tim Lim and The Comic Book Hut, we pushed this book over the top so it funded, a big victory this time of year when folk are out Christmas shopping and not so much crowdfund spending.

It’s a huge success now. And what this means for the movement is we have a base of REAL readers moving forward. Ones who care about comics. Ones who want good stories. Readers who want and crave real heroes.

We’re on the march again. We’re growing. Everything is up. Youtube is growing, books are growing, we truly are making comics great again.

I knew it would take time, that to win, we all have to persevere through the difficult times, weed out the bad elements of our group and move everything forward. It’s happening. The energy is incredible. And it’s a lot due to you for sticking with comics and ignoring the noise of the youtube edgelords.

Onward and upward.

Flying Sparks is now available in single issue if you missed the book. An easy, inexpensive way to get into the series just in time for the holidays. Check out Issue #1 here: 

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