SJWs Attempt Coup Of The Romance Writers Of America

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Every organization these days is prone to infestation by social justice warriors who want to make the entire world about their pet cause, slow down the purporse of the organization, and eventually turn the organization into something completely worthless that just bleats about their social justice nonsense.

This has already happened to the Science Fiction Writers of Amercia, who are more interested in protecting their leadership defending pedophilia in public than actually bringing in members to the organization who can help change the culture to one of the business of writing.

The RWA has a much better outlook on things, as they identified the troublemaker in author Courtney Milan, who was going around complaining about another writer’s book from 25 years ago as “racist” trying to destroy the career of her fellow guild member and virtue signal in the process.

The organization took swift action, making sure the woman in question filed a complaint so they could suspend Milan under their bylaws.

The mainstream media, of course, rallied to Milan’s “cause” of shrieking at her fellow writer because she literally couldn’t even the content of someone’s old book.  NBC, The New York Times and others all flocking to cover Milan and decry this “racist” other writer… of course, I’m sure none of them even researched into the situation.

NBC even went so far as to try to shame the RWA for an “inclusivity problem” to try to force them to bend to the will of this Milan’s outrage at a fiction novel.

It’s all phony outrage. Inclusivity is code for excluding successful people to try to force social agendas. And in novel writing, there’s no reason for anyone to be pointing fingers at their fellow authors over not liking their fiction. That’s toxic behavior there, and is to the detriment of the guild. Moreover, it’s not inclusive in reality, as writers should be able to write whatever they damn well please.

It’s a desperate move to control artistic expression and make it so white authors can’t get published. But with Amazon so far, no one can stop people from expressing themselves. The domination of the small clique of publishing is over. SFWA failed in stopping me, and Milan and her New York Publishing elitist cohorts will fail in stopping romance writers from flourishing.

Maybe I’ll try my hand at romance. I already put some of the most gripping romantic scenes in all of science fiction in The Stars Entwined. Book two gets even hotter and will be out in a few months. Read today.

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