Getting Fit Will Improve You In Every Regard

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I read a study recently which showed that a single fall from someone 60+ increases their odds of death by over 30%.

That’s pretty huge, but let’s look into why.

When someone takes a spill and hurts themselves, breaks a bone, tears something, they’re at a point where they have to stop moving. The stopping moving stops blood circulation, lowers the immune system, and eventually, a person becomes sedentary, and with many of our current diets, we’re asking for heart and digestive problems.

It comes down to not moving makes a person more likely to die.

This is true at younger ages as well, and with sedentary lifestyles all around, it is going to end up lowering our lifespans and quality of life.

Moving is the answer.

It’s true in every aspect of life, in business, if a product is stagnant, it’s going to die. If I don’t keep coming out with new books, I won’t get discovered and won’t have new readers jumping on board. Movement is key.

So it makes sense that in a personal life that getting moving, everything will work better.

I’ve exercised a lot the last year, training regularly but not excessively, about 3 days a week, 1 hour each session, and I’ve lost 25 LBs during that time. I don’t have the stomach problems I used to, my aches aren’t as bad as they were, everything all around is better.

And this year I’m going to try to step it up for more, so I’m doing movement making me sweat 5 days a week.

It’s a big step up, but the regular interval makes the body used to it, makes it a habit, more than just doing it every other day. Now I’m going to do it a bit differently with strength training 3-4 days a week and playing tennis 1-2 days a week so I vary what I’m doing both from a “iI don’t want to get bored” perspective and so I don’t overly exhaust myself, but it’s the way to go.

Just having played a little tennis this morning, my brain’s working faster, I’m happier, it’s going to help me write better throughout the day and work harder.

Movement is key.

Join me in 2020 in bettering yourself. It’ll be worth it.

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